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 Ana Cristina


Spanish - English Legal Interpreter

My Services

Legal Translation

Spanish Interpreter

Licensed in Texas.

Interpreting Services 

  • Depositions

  • Virtual Meetings/ Depositions 

  • Conferences

  • Mediations

  • Interpreting in Court  

Interpreting Style

  • Consecutive Interpreting 

  • Simultaneous Interpreting


About Me

I was born and raised in Mexico and started learning English from a very young age having studied at the American School of Tampico and spending many summers in the US. 

After moving to Atlanta,  I started my career as an interpreter in a municipal court in Roswell, GA. in 2002.   Since then, I have helped many people overcome the language barrier in a court setting.

This has been very fulfilling for me and I am looking forward to helping you as well.

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